Inklen has changed the game once more with their 2.7 release of MixEmergency. New in 2.7 is a Sample Player that lets you play videos like you would a sample in Serato DJ’s SP-6 Sample Player or Traktor’s Remix Decks.


Inklen releases MixEmergency 2.7 – adds new Sample Player

Inklen is excited to announce the release of MixEmergency 2.7 – adding a new Sample Player and GPU-accelerated video playback of Hap encoded videos.

MixEmergency’s new Sample Player features 8 Samples, 4 Banks, and 72 Preset Sample Player Sets. An advanced editing panel also allows users to edit how the media is composited and animated. It can be used for adding One-Shot Samples, Logos, Loops, and Lower Thirds over the video output. As the Sample Player is a fully independent video sample player, it’s possible to use other audio applications (e.g. Ableton Live) to play the audio portion of any sample.

The introduction of GPU-accelerated playback of Hap encoded videos is particularly useful when combined with the new Sample Player feature, as it allows for a significant reduction in the level of CPU use when playing short samples – especially for videos requiring Alpha channels. For example, encoding videos with the Hap Alpha codec produced files that use 50% less CPU, and 60% less disk space than videos encoded using the Animation codec.

What’s new in MixEmergency 2.7:

New in MixEmergency 2.7:

  • Added new Sample Player feature.
  • Added support for GPU-accelerated playback of Hap encoded movies.
  • Added support for animated GIF files (for both decks and in the Image Overlay).
  • Added a Rate control to the Transport view.
  • Added right-click menu to the Quartz Composition and Image Overlay file-drop areas.
  • Added Blend modes for Quartz Composition Overlays.
  • Quartz Composition and Image Overlay file-drop areas can now display a preview image.
  • Updated Syphon to the latest version (fixes some issues with Channel 1 and 2 output).
  • Optimised RGB Delay effect.
  • Fixed issues syncing beats when playing short video loops over longer audio tracks.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the FX Sequencer to fail to trigger when using the One-shot (synced) mode.
  • Fixed bug where the window close buttons were not working on the split preview windows.
  • Fixed file path issues when using Serato DJ 1.7 or higher.
  • Fixed memory deallocation bugs.

Download MixEmergency 2.7 here:

MixEmergency can be purchased online for $149. Users who own a MixEmergency 1 license are eligible to upgrade to MixEmergency 2 for $49. For more information, visit: